Trinidad History Tours is the combination of history and nature in Trinidad de Cuba and El Valle de Los Ingenios.
Our mission is to provide friends who visit our city with a version from the angle of their guide. Presenting unique and unforgettable moments for everyone, in order to get to know typical architectural elements of the Trinidad de Cuba town and the society that lived within the 18th and 19th centuries, the most important time, where we would start a dialogue rich in questions and answers always In search of new horizons.
Our vision is framed in demonstrating after a tour of the historic center of the city and El Valle de los Ingenios, as its inhabitants were able to withstand the sugar boom and provide the necessary profits to build and build every element we enjoy today. And so feel the sacrifices that had to endure each of them for decades to survive and make us heirs of each of the traditions that we today have the Trinitarians.