A night to remember in the Trinidad City of Cuba

Surely you have wondered how to enjoy the nights in a city where, apparently, time has stopped, and where to go if I would only be one or two nights in the city of Trinidad. Then Trinidad History tours invites you then, to spend an unforgettable evening together, to visit those places that will surely remain in your memory and then thank you for being with us.

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Traditional Dance Classes in Cuba

In Trinidad History tours we organize our classes based on the individual needs of our clients, taking into account their knowledge, abilities and personal desires, with the purpose of transmitting and exchanging knowledge and history about traditional Cuban dances such as Cuban Salsa or Timba, La Rumba or Afro-Cuban Dance, El Son, El Mambo, as well as folk dance Yoruba, El Cha cha cha and Rueda de Casino or Dances in pairs, among others.

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