On July 30, 2018 he received the status of Craft City of the World.

After being examined one by one by several members of the World Handicrafts Council (WCC), the third town of Cuba stands as the first in Cuba, but because it affects greater roots in traditional crafts in Trinidad , as well as locating it in the center of interest of foreign and national visitors.

The expressions of the crafts that today live in that city are the way of subsistence of several generations of Trinitarians, who, for the most part, have been nourished by the knowledge of groups that have been formed to teach the traditions.

In that sense, the work of the workshop is always distinguished Always at hand, created by Mery Viciedo and with endorsement of the local university headquarters, which registers graduates to more than 100 people.

Fortunately, the Trinitarian creations have crossed the borders of the city by being presented and marketed in the editions of the International Craft Fair, the main event organized by the FCBC, National Art Craft Fair for Mom, Art Fair in La Rampa and other spaces.

Trinidad bets every day because in its cobbled streets, parks and homes, needle techniques such as fraying, frivolite, Tenerife lace, fork crochet or miñardí and bobbin lace continue to come alive; as well as other crafts that draw the idiosyncrasy of the city on a smaller scale.

The third of the first seven villages founded on the island by the Spanish conquerors obtained this merit, after a long evaluation process.
On September 15, 2018, the status of the Craft City of the World was delivered, in an official act held in the Plaza Mayor of the historic center, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, in 1988.

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