Trinidad history tours always thinking about how we Trinidadians should include ourselves in that great social project that is to take care of #Nature, the environment and the # environment we have developed a pleasant and simple way to conceptualize each element to take into account to learn and develop, so that here we provide Ten things you should know about the environment and so we all carry and apply in our daily practice.
1-Did you know what is ENVIRONMENT?
ENVIRONMENT: Set of external factors (biotic and abiotic) that act on an organism, population or community, directly affecting the survival, growth, development and reproduction of living beings and the structure and dynamics of biotic populations and communities
2-Did you know what is natural environment?
Natural environment: it constitutes the area where the phenomenon of life and human activity unfolds. It consists of physical, chemical and biological components, which determine the functioning of the biosphere.
3-Did you know what is social or human environment?
Social or human environment: includes man and his activities. This system is related to the natural environment at three levels: it causes the transformations of the environment, undergoes such changes and perceives them
4-Did you know What is QUALITY OF LIFE?
QUALITY OF LIFE: State of physical, mental and social health of a population
5-Did you know what is ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY?
ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Constituent element of the quality of life, It is determined by the degree of anthropic transformation of a natural system.
6-Did you know what is SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT?
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: ”Improving the quality of human life without exceeding the carrying capacity of the ecosystems that support it. D.S. maintains the base of natural resources and can continue to develop through adaptation and better knowledge, organization and technical efficiency and greater wisdom “
This is chaired by two Anthropic ideas:
• NEEDS: This is the essential priority of meeting the needs of a population
• LIMITATIONS: Are those imposed by the means to meet current and future needs for a given society and technology.

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