Taking a horse ride through the Valle de los Ingenios and the Sierra del Escambray has become one of the main attractions of tourists visiting the Villa Trinidad de Cuba. Visitors will enjoy the combination of history and nature take advantage and cross many times their own fears of never having ridden on a horse in order to explore in a magical way the opportunity offered by the city, that city that catches and leaves with the wishes of being for more than a few nights and invites to live that tropical paradise that opens as a unique version in our visitors.
It is here when Trinidad History Tours helps to discover places, legends and attractions little known and present in the life of the city, it is here as in a flourishing and different way our clients are able to live romantic, exotic, pleasant stages and together enjoy first experiences riding a horse, observing a tocoloro (Cuban national bird), or living a first experience taking a canchanchara, or simply grinding a sugar cane to extract its juice and thus take it in a very refreshing way just as they had to do for centuries our ancestors
That is why trinity history tours is distinguished, for always providing unique and unforgettable moments in the lives of our clients, demonstrating that it is always possible to combine history, nature with the daily life of a human being, this is where you can enjoy the Caribbean sun on a horse, the refreshing breeze of the valley of the sugar mills, but you can also enjoy a good cimarrón coffee, but you can also enjoy the crystal clear waters of the rivers that are born in those beautiful mountains of the escambray and They flow into the Caribbean Sea, it is here that you can also talk about the history of the city of Trinidad, it is here that you can also see houses from the 18th and 19th centuries in places that were sugar cane plantations and today are archaeological sites in good conservation
Trinidad history tours is the place where together we can enjoy the magic of nature by being able to have a sugarcane juice with Passion Juice or Passion Fruit, Being able to have a delicious Cimarrón coffee with Mango Flower Honey or we can eat a delicious Creole food cooked on charcoal, or take a rich Trinitarian Canchanchara that is identified as the typical drink of the city of Trinidad and the valley of the mills, that canchanchara that the Mambises took and that gloriously the Trinitarians have taken as ours, that which is taken in a clay bowl remembering our first inhabitants and of which the triniatrios also remind us every day and transmit their experiences.
That is why Trinidad history tours opens up as a great attraction capable of combining nature with history; History with tradition; Mountains with rivers; The Ingenios Valley with the City; Spanish with Cubans; whites with blacks; Trinitarians with tourists and traditions with new generations.